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Since 1992, thousands of businesses have partnered with American Credit Bureau, Inc. to improve their cash flow, eliminate collection headaches, and get more of the money owed to them.

American Credit Bureau, Inc. is a high-performance alternative to ordinary collection agencies. We have the unique resources and expertise that can empower your business to collect your past due balances better, faster, and at a minimal cost.

Eliminates Paying Collection Agencies 35 to 50%

Are you frustrated trying to collect your past due bills? Then get the ACB advantage – the ability to blemish a debtor’s credit report.

Unless there is a substantial consequence for failure to pay a bill, most of your bills will never get paid, no matter how many invoices you send.

Yet, those same customers will pay when they know you can – and will place a permanent blemish on their credit report – unless the debt is paid.

And as an ACB member, now you can. And the best part is that you keep 100% of all the money that is collected.
The power to have debtor reported to the National Credit Bureaus . . . Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion . . . cannot be overstated. It’s simply one of the most robust collection tools available.

The Power of Blemishing Your Debtor's Credit.

Your customers know the importance of maintaining good credit.  And they fear getting their credit report tarnished.  Because they know poor credit can have significant and costly negative consequences for them as consumers.  Including:

  • Higher interest rates on loans and mortgages.
  • Insurance premiums may go up.
  • Difficulty renting an apartment or buying a house.
  • Higher credit card payments.
  • Inability to purchase goods and services on credit.
  • Trouble obtaining utility services, including gas, electric, and phone.
  • A decline in their standard of living.
  • Damage to self-esteem.
  • And many more.

When you are in a position to blemish a customer’s credit report . . . and can prove it . . .suddenly “I don’t have the money” becomes “here is your money.”

Instantly Boosts Your Collection Rate

Are you ready to arm your billing and collection department with meaningful consequences?  As a member of American Credit Bureau, you will have the ability to have debtors that refuse to pay reported to all three national Credit Bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  This gives you a considerable edge in collecting past due balances.

There is no stronger motivator than advising a client that you will report them as delinquent to the Credit Bureaus unless they pay their bill immediately.

Your Cost: Just $16.95

Join American Credit Bureau and strengthen your billing and collection departments with the power of the Credit Bureaus.  As a member of ACB, you will have the same collection clout as a conventional collection agency – BUT WITHOUT PAYING A 35-50% COLLECTION FEE! 

As an ACB member, your business can have a hard blemish recorded on the permanent credit reports (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) of any client who refuses to pay.

And the fee is nominal-only $16.95 per account, and you keep 100% of all the money collected.  Not the 35 to 50% collection agencies charge. 

The bottom line: When you can report to the Credit Bureaus, your office has substantial consequences for debtors who refuse to pay.  Watch how quickly a debtor will pay when faced with being reported to the Credit Bureaus.   

No more empty threats.

Now, when a debtor refuses to pay, you can flex your collection muscles

View the one-minute video that reveals how ACB can collect your past due balances better and faster–without you paying any commissions.

View the short video that reveals how you can collect your past due balances better and faster--without you paying any commissions.

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Here's what our clients say about
American Credit Bureau:

Helen K., Medical/Dermatology (Texas)

"American Credit Bureau came highly recommended to us during a seminar that we attended over 5 years ago. We treat our patients well and have given them every opportunity to pay their balances, but we needed a solution for those that were avoiding our calls and invoices. We have seen a significant decrease in the average number of days outstanding. The majority of cases we assign to American Credit Bureau were collected; we are extremely satisfied with their services and the results that we get."

Jill H., Personal Service/Equine Facility (Texas)

"The equine veterinary industry has unique challenges, especially when it comes to getting clients to pay their bills. Many times we treat horses under the supervision of trainers rather than owners. We needed a collection firm that could adapt to our specific circumstances and deliver results. American Credit Bureau has exceeded our expectations. The staff was willing to invest the time to understand our situation, offering the services necessary to generate the cash flow our business needs to operate. They have recovered over half a million dollars, for which we are extremely grateful."