Benefits of using our streamlined, progressive collection solutions:

Benefits of using our streamlined, progressive collection solutions:

  • All money collected is paid directly to you.
  • No software is needed -Just internet access
  • Collecting early in the revenue cycle reduces write-offs
  • You’re able to collect past due balances regardless of where they are in the revenue cycle
  • It’s very affordable and drastically reduces write-offs and reliance on a collection agency
  • increased monthly cash flow

Additional Benefits

  • Blemish the permanent credit reports of debtors who refuse to pay . . . Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union
  • Locate customers that moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address
  • You’ll be invited to free webinars on how to prevent past due accounts from becoming a collection problem
  • You’ll have access to free state-specific informational updates
  • A collection Coach will be assigned to your account to help your resolve a collection issue

The Next Step:

If your practice is ready to collect your past due debts quicker, more effectively, and at far less cost, click on this link https://www.AmericanCreditBureau.com/ChoosePlan and fill out the risk-free registration form to start your 60-day risk-free membership. Or call 800-750-9422 today.

There is no obligation.


Here's what our clients say about
American Credit Bureau:

Helen K., Medical/Dermatology (Texas)

"American Credit Bureau came highly recommended to us during a seminar that we attended over 5 years ago. We treat our patients well and have given them every opportunity to pay their balances, but we needed a solution for those that were avoiding our calls and invoices. We have seen a significant decrease in the average number of days outstanding. The majority of cases we assign to American Credit Bureau were collected; we are extremely satisfied with their services and the results that we get."

Jill H., Personal Service/Equine Facility (Texas)

"The equine veterinary industry has unique challenges, especially when it comes to getting clients to pay their bills. Many times we treat horses under the supervision of trainers rather than owners. We needed a collection firm that could adapt to our specific circumstances and deliver results. American Credit Bureau has exceeded our expectations. The staff was willing to invest the time to understand our situation, offering the services necessary to generate the cash flow our business needs to operate. They have recovered over half a million dollars, for which we are extremely grateful."