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As a member of American Credit Bureau (ACB), I can use ACB’s proven flat-fee financial recovery services, which include placing a hard blemish on the credit reports of delinquent patient accounts, to collect my past due balances.

All ACB collection letters will instruct patients to remit 100% of all monies directly to me or my medical practice.

As a Member, I will NOT be charged a percentage of the money collected. I will only be charged $14.95 per patient account, and 100% of all money collected will be sent directly to me.

(Click HERE for the description and cost of the Phase 1 Financial Recovery Strategies) In addition, I will pay a small monthly Credit Bureau Maintenance fee of $49.95 whether I choose to be covered by 1, 2, or all 3 of the major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Whats Included
In return, I get all the following services from American Credit Bureau

My Credit Bureau Maintenance fee will:
• Give me access to the flat fee Financial Recovery Strategies
• Notify my office of any litigious debtors
• Manage the entire dispute process
• Advise my office of any patients filing for bankruptcy
• Report monthly all delinquent balances to the Credit Bureau(s)
• Free E-Oscars

If a debtor does not pay their outstanding balance after ACB mails the third collection letter, the credit bureau(s) I select will be notified, and credit blemish will be recorded on the debtor’s permanent credit report(s).

Further, the Credit Report blemish(es) will remain on the debtor’s permanent Credit Report for up to 7 years, preventing many patients from obtaining additional credit anywhere until my bill is paid in full.

BONUS: When I join American Credit Bureau today, I will receive one FREE Credit Bureau. That’s a value of $325.00


If I am not 100% satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … I can notify ACB within 60 days for a full and prompt refund of all the money I paid for the credit bureau(s) set up and the monthly fees.


Being a Member of one Credit Bureau gives you an outstanding collection advantage. It is a big motivator. Most people want to avoid tarnishing their credit rating, and many patients will immediately pay to avoid having a negative entry recorded on their credit report.

NOTE: Credit Bureaus do NOT share information. If you belong to all three Credit Bureaus, you are ensured that the credit blemish for your overdue bill will appear anytime the debtor applies for credit, no matter which credit report the credit grantor checks. Because the credit blemish will stay on a debtor’s credit reports for up to seven years after you blemished a debtor’s credit report.

Super Charge” Your ACB Membership for Maximum Collection Results

Report Past-Due Balances to All Three Credit Bureaus

(Just like a Collection Agency)

To maximize the protection of your receivables, choose all three major Credit Bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Guard your receivables for up to seven years . . . just like a collection agency, but without having to pay a commission.

Guard your receivables for up to 7 years. To maximize the protection of your receivables, choose all three major Credit Bureaus . . . Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. By reporting to all three Credit Bureaus, you ensured your credit blemish will appear anytime the debtor applies for credit.

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